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29 Nov

| Recreate & Rock |

What is it about thigh high boots that we (women) are attracted to? This question is on my mind as I skim through my closest and count my over the knee beauties. I have only four (not by choice ) I would have more, but I am currently not working lol! I don’t know what it is…. The look, feel, and style of a boot that elongates our legs and extenuates our silhouettes. 

Ahhhhhhhh maybe, but whatever it is I’m in love and the honeymoon has only just begun! 

This designer look cost over $3,000  but I recreated it for less then $250

That’s right my top and skirt both from @HM costs me $60 for both. The top I got (on sale) for $25.00. The skirt was around $35.00. My A. Marino/Navy Blue boots were $40.00 from @zara and my blue Faux – Sheep Skin coat was $120.00 also from @zara! Ladies look good and pay less that’s my motto! Get the look you want without breaking the bank! 

| Black Blouse : H&M | Gingham Mini Skirt : H&M | Navy Thigh High Boots : Zara | Faux-Sheep Skin Knee Length Coat : Zara | 

Kia Danielle
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  • Shani Basdeo

    Yes love the diversity in looks and the style

    November 30, 2017 at 3:20 am Reply

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