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6 Sep

| NYFW Prep! |

NYFW – The Shows are just 2 days away and I am soooooooo excited!!! I just love fashion week! The clothes, models, celebrities and just simply getting dressed up and taking pics!! lol This is my 5th  season attending fashion week and the excitement and anticipation is still like the very first time. I am so very grateful to God!!! he has really truly blessed me with over 35 shows this season, so please follow me on my fashion week journey as I go to shows.
Getting ready for fashion week can be very challenging. What to wear is the famous question everyone asks. I am no different, but my advice is to start early. Plan ahead DO NOT wait until the last minute. I start planning 4/3 weeks ahead of  time.  At  least start thinking about your outfits and seeing what you have and don’t have. If I am walking down the street and pass a store that is having a sale. I will drop in and see if there is anything there that I would like to wear for fashion week, if so I grab it and hang it in my closet until I can throw it on. ALWAYS try on your looks before the day of your shows. You want to make sure all the clothes fit you and they look well together. I can not tell you the amount of times I had an outfit picked out in my mind and thought I would slay only to try it on when I got home and it was a big NAY! lol so try on all pieces of clothing at least 1 week before the shows or any event that way you will have time to change your outfit or purchase something new if needed. Have all your pieces hanging up in the same area of your closet pressed and ready to go!! 
I will be posting during fashion week on my Instagram page so please follow me @kia_danielle   
In between shows we take pics lol!
Old Classic Glam lol!
I truly felt like Carrie Bradshaw this day! HA!
A little Fall and Summer Mix!        




Kia Danielle
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